Cuairteoirí Speisialta i nGaelscoil na mBeann

Bhí cuairteoirí speisialta againn inniu i Naíscoil agus Gaelscoil na mBeann. Tháinig Daidí agus Mamaí na Nollag isteach le bualadh linn!

There was great excitement today in Naíscoil and Gaelscoil na mBeann! Mamaí and Daidí na Nollag took some time out of their busy schedule to drop in to say hello and give each child a gift. We hope Daidí na Nollag gets some rest before he sets out on his big journey at the weekend! We are sure all of the boys and girls in Naíscoil and Gaelscoil na mBeann will be on the good list!