The Curriculum

The following areas of learning are delivered:

  • Literacy (Irish and English)         
  • Numeracy                    
  • Personal Development            
  • The World Around Us            
  • The Arts (Music, Drama, Art)            
  • P.E.                        
  • Language and cultural awareness    

In Gaelscoil na mBeann we place a very high importance on the development of the child as a learner and as a person.  Therefore we place great significance on learning and teaching on the relationships between staff, children and parents/guardians.
Following on from the strong foundation of the pre-school year in Naíscoil na mBeann, the benefits of bilingualism are carried through to primary school level, where the children are encouraged to build upon their existing vocabulary and skills and develop them within the Northern Ireland curriculum.  English is a key part of the curriculum and is introduced formally at primary 3. This ensures that the attainment of the children is equal and comparable to children in English-medium schools.  All areas of the curriculum are covered through the medium of Irish and the children are encouraged by teachers to progress on an individual basis in their learning experience. Irish-medium schools often have the advantage of smaller class sizes, and therefore the teacher spends more time working with small groups and individual children.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Working towards a shared future, Gaelscoil na mBeann seeks to provide our pupils with a solid foundation in the areas of personal and cultural awareness, relating to and understanding ourselves, other people, traditions and cultures. Children are also given the opportunity for personal development within the curriculum through song, drama, art, and other extra-curricular activities. 


Technology is integrated throughout all the areas of learning.  Gaelscoil na mBeann boasts classrooms with state of the art interactive whiteboards and iPads are used regularly to compliment teaching and learning methods.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We believe that education should be as broad and wide as possible.  It is our belief that positive experiences outside the classroom can go a long way to building self-esteem, character and well balanced people.  Indeed it is also our belief that these experiences in no small way benefit the academic and social development of children.  The school's tradition in extra-curricular activities sees us taking part in various events throughout the school year.  Sports offered to the children throughout the school year include, Gaelic football with special coaching from a member of the Down GAA team.  Another aspect of this strong tradition is participation in various féiseanna and dramas throughout the year.  We also invite various visitors in during the year to present ideas to the children and facilitate classroom discussions and workshops. 

Additional Support

Breakfast Club - from 8 - 9am every morning
Extended Schools Activities – 2 afternoons per week
Homework Club / Club Obair Bhaile  - 3 afternoons per week.   
Homework club runs in the Gaelscoil for children and parents who feel they require further support. 

Bus transport

There is a school bus service available to take your child to and from school every day.